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I don't need credentials to speak from a man's perspective, but I do have them. And they make me extremely keen when it comes to man's relationship to power, people, and the roles we play. Whether it's individual counseling, couples therapy, or consultation, Body Mind Metaphor LLC is equipped to take you into places "no man has gone before." Well, almost! But give me a chance and I can tell you how you see power, how you position yourself with others, and how much stamina you have to live comfortably in your own skin rather than succumb to those shallow norms of culture on how you should look and act and which fancy car you should drive.



Power is most attractive, and often we tilt the scales to our ultimate disadvantage. Wonder why? Whether in relationships or business, the line is thin between power with and power over. The latter will bite you with lasting consequences. Learn how to empower yourself without disempowering others.



We have been told we go into caves, need emojis to express our feelings, and can't live without validation for trying. I don't know about you, but I don't want emotional babysitting.

It is important to position yourself so that any relationship you enter is meaningful and not  something you can't live without.

Fitness Instructor


Culture tells us how we should behave as men, you know, looking tough and confident (when you're really not), acting young (so you think) with those shiny cars that you probably can't pay off, and exerting power over others as if you're unstoppable. Wrong! Learn how to be comfortable in your now skin.