Body Mind Metaphor LLC wants you to know what it does to create a better future for you.


Everyone knows that to build correctly, one needs solid skills and a determined delivery. This takes smart planning and money. Apart from annual rental and administrative fees, which total into the thousands each year, Body Mind Metaphor LLC spends hundreds of dollars a year for mandated (a good thing, really) and elective or "going beyond" training to attain and/or sharpen skills that are designed to help you achieve that desired outcome. This cost doesn't include the thousands of dollars Body Mind Metaphor LLC spent in academia before taking on the name to acquire a license for talk therapy alone, a carefully constructed method of working the psyche that is often misunderstood as "just talking to someone" or 'venting."


Whether it is talk therapy or specialized interventions, coupled with over 25 years of community service Body Mind Metaphor LLC supplies healthy investigation for stronger relationships, tools to sustain peace of mind, a skillful abilities to manage unwanted symptoms, techniques for lasting confidence, and more in a manner that coincides with reports of therapy's efficacy percentage.

Aside from the range of fees that fall within the national average (estimates of $75-$150; in some parts of the US up to $250) and the reasonable treatment plans from which to choose, Body Mind Metaphor LLC holds to a self-pay policy to guarantee as strong of a confidentiality as possible, with obvious and mandated exceptions such as current abuse or neglect, talks about harming yourself or other, or if information is ordered by the Court; (also see HIPAA standards). Outside of these understandable exceptions, no one or industry has permission to know about what transpires in the therapeutic relationship, something to consider since the average person changes careers anywhere from 5-7 times in one lifetime.

Speaking of prices, Body Mind Metaphor LLC likes the idea of bulk. Rather than establish separate fees for each approach it offers in the office--hypnotherapy, Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) therapy, mindfulness and meditation, etc.--as some competitors do and at sometimes higher prices, Body Mind Metaphor LLC incorporates these specialized techniques into your choice of plan.  

For older adults (65+), Body Mind Metaphor LLC is dedicated to honoring you. While not every veteran has Tricare and since Medicare doesn't reimburse licensed professional counselors, Body Mind Metaphor LLC has designed a flat rate package for all individual services conducted in the office to offset the cost without compromising quality of care.

Body Mind Metaphor LLC chose early to avoid tacking on extra charges such as electronic PayPal transaction fees. The treatment option you choose is all you will pay.  

Since convenience is important, Body Mind Metaphor LLC supplies flexible hours and tele-mental health or phone sessions so you can make those necessary explorations in the comfort of your home.

As a final note, Body Mind Metaphor LLC donates over $400 annually to the following charity organizations: World Research Institute, Doctors without Borders, Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), and Atlanta Community Food Bank. It is people like you that make this possible.

I hope you see the openness of this letter as a gesture of trust. And always remember that at Body Mind Metaphor LLC you are not just a client, you are our guest.

Always wishing you well,

 Kevin Quiles

Owner of Body Mind Metaphor LLC

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