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Below are questions commonly asked when providing individual and couples counseling: insurance, Good Faith Estimate of fees, COVID-19, and virtual and in-person sessions. There are plenty more when shopping, but these will save you time.

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Common questions people ask:

Question #1

Do you take insurance? No. I am not on any insurance panels. There are certain measures a therapist must take to comply with insurances. This includes prescribing a diagnostic code, the number of sessions that would (and would not be) covered, imposed fees, and the possibility of sharing information with a third party. While insurances have their advantages, I find that working with pay for service offers greater confidentiality and less intrusion.

Question #2

How much do you charge? My fees are transparent on my Consent Form in good faith. Moreover, upon our initial psychotherapy session you receive in written format all payments for service applicable to you with no hidden fees (See read No Surprised Act). And many have found my payment for service "reasonable." 

Question #3

How do you work? I don't hook you with false promises. Most things in life don't really go away, or if they do it they will likely return. I believe in learning to manage issues and challenges within the context of our relationships with people, places, and things. And I strongly focus on the workings of the unconscious. I also employ meditative techniques to encourage emotional and spiritual healing.

Question #4

Do you see people in person? While Zoom is my prime method of meeting for talk therapy, I do offer in-person sessions. This is especially true for yoga and meditative techniques.