after leaving a sacred text, group or guru

Holy Bible

Leaving a faith

Whether its leaving Christianity, a guru, or "the Church",  it is often a painful process. But many are finding it necessary.to make an about face.

Without demonizing any person, group, or religion,  my help centers around helping people who need support to make up their own minds. Grieving the familiar, reconstructing all of the pieces, and discovering your own spiritual voice is my priority.

I know what it was like

For me, changing a prominent belief such as the Bible or what it says about Jesus wasn't easy. In truth, it was scary. If the Bible isn't the literal word of God, then who or what is true?

The decision to change had emotional and psychological processes difficult to maneuver, not to mention the cultural ramifications. Yes, I stood the chance to--and did in some cases--lose friends.

Sad on Couch
Playing a Drum

Another way

Eventually and with care, you can make all the changes necessary to rediscover your own spiritual authority. It will definitely take time to explore all the complex pieces. And you will have to make some major calls about yourself and some of your relationships. That's why I encourage you to move slowly and with someone who has the therapeutic skills. With time, you can and will find your own spiritual rhythym.