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My Credentials

I graduated from Southeastern College of the Assemblies of God back in the late 80s. I went on to earn a Master's of Divinity degree in 95'. From there, I trained as chaplain, first in a psychiatric residential facility and later in a major hospital in South Carolina. I was fortunate in those two plus years to have excellent supervisors who held to introspection and the integration or psyche and spirit as priorities. Later in life, and after a military deployment, I entered academia once again to earn a Master of Arts in Community Counseling in 2011. After three years of supervised training, I began my career as licensed professional counselor (LPC) and have a private practice for almost a decade, focusing often in trauma, anxiety, and clinical depression. I am certified in hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I specialize in existential issues such as aging, illness, and, yes, the last breath. Currently, I study at the Rhine Education Center, which provides scholarly studies for psi, the paranormal, and Universal Consciousness.

Throughout my therapeutic evolution, I've always lean toward an experiential style of therapy. I honor the client's experience and how the client makes meaning of life and the major events that occur within the client's awareness. And since we learn to make sense of ourselves and others within the context of relationships, I find that creating a safe space for clients to explore their internal patterns is key for positive change.

I also want to take a moment to offer much gratitude to mother India and my teachers. Twice I went to what I consider sacred land. The first time at Varanasi near to where the Buddha is said to have preached his sermon on suffering. There, for ten days, a group of us learned a more eastern version of mindfulness and meditation. A few years later I flew to Rishikesh, India for a month to train for Kundalini Yoga certification. With love and kindness, our teachers shared their teachings on yoga, yoga philosophy, breath work, yoga Nidra, and energy. These experiences, not to mention sitting at the feet of Mooji at a sating, intensified my personal quest for a greater understanding of Consciousness.






                                       The Ganga 2019                                                 Ganga from Above 2019

As mystic, spirituality is at the center of my work. However, I don't follow established creeds and lean more on a type of spiritual that can prove transformational but sometimes not without distress, unease, and paradoxical interpretations that can make one dizzy is the norm serving as a catalyst toward change. This might sound bizarre to western minds seeking convenience, but in many cultures such a spiritual understanding is easily embraced.

Today at sixty, I offer services to address and manage trauma, anxiety, and depression. However, 'coincidence' would have them come together to evoke a new thrust to reach a population often overlooked. You can say that it all falls under the umbrella of ongoing Consciousness. We are not just the mechanical organ between our ears. There is more to the human experience. Such phenomena includes near death experiences, after death communications, mystical and esoteric transformations, and the paranormal (i.e. beyond normal). Then there are UFO or UAP encounters that seem to contain life changing outcomes, often for the better but some for the worse.

Unusual experiences are no light matter. They can be life changing. And packaging them to integrate with the rest of life, which includes relationships, is a hefty task. Think of Roy from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Roy had a genuine experience but it nearly rocked his family. In fact, the movie never showed Roy back with his family. Get the drift. 

Whether we are talking about unusual encounters, existential crisis, or spiritual paths, the need for healing and integration is imperative. But where is the trained professional who attends to a growing population that holds to the unusual, a weird that doesn't fit the typical and conditioned norms of our day? I provide a safe space and utilize my skills to help you explore, heal, and integrate your story.


*Member of International Association on Near Death Studies (IANS) and an approved network therapist              *Member of MUFON

*Affiliated with OPUS

*Supporting Member of The Parapsychological Association

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Rishikesh India
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