Premarital Counseling

We dream of finding one. The right partner. Then it happens like a wish come true. Like most of us, we never want to awaken from it. But slowly the dream fades and things do, in fact, change.

What we liked doesn't appeal any longer. What we didn't see now irritates us to no end. After a few years, the relationship is a challenge. And if we have kids, all the more. We call it communication problems, but deep inside our doubts and fears say it's more.

As human beings, we like to believe that we don't have serious issues to work out. But if we do, we like to think they are easily identifiable and within reach to resolve.

In my years of doing couples counseling, it often isn't that simple. By the time couples seek counseling, they've tried many things with little to no success. And the issues are deeply entrenched and multifaceted.

​Issues Mounting

Couples Counseling

Healing the Relationship...Healing from the Loss of One

Many don't do pre-marital counseling and do fine. Others might have done better by exploring those issues that tag along with us often unawares. If you feel pre-marital counseling is something you believe in, Body Mind Metaphor offers this unique processing that could make a difference in your future.

Sometimes the worse happens. Betrayal! And who would have thought of such a thing happening. One is left wounded, wondering why he or she isn't good enough. The other feels guilty, not sure if the relationship can withstand the storm to come. Fortunately, it can but not without hard work and guidance. 


Explore to Heal