Most of us don't want to think about it. Knowing that we will one day--sooner than later--will breathe our last is bad enough. But contemplating our death?

Conversing with Death contains classical yoga philosophy and exercises, existential processing, and experiential tools to cultivate a friendly attitude toward death.

The ideal ego defends itself against intimations of impermanence and mortality at all costs. -- Stephen Cope

Conversing with Death bravely faces this background of resistance. Denying the last breath--our last breath--at any time in life tempts us to believe we will be here forever, which generates further habits that fortify denial and fear.

Helping Professionals Embrace the Last Breath

Peer Group Consultation

The Conversing with Death Peer Group Consultation meets on the first or second Friday of each month in Roswell. Here, caregiving professionals--clergy, psychologists, counselors, social workers, physicians, and others--meet to share personal and professional encounters with existential nudging. A safe place to freely talk about one's own impermanence. We process experiences, practice exercises geared to deepen conversations, and even periodically meet at locations such as a cemetery or nursing facility to loosen dormant beliefs about death. Annual fee due on January is $75. One must have taken the Introductory Workshop to join.


The Advanced Course is an intensive learning on how to apply Conversing with Death with patients and clients.​

This Introductory Workshop is a two-hour presentation that explains Conversing with Death philosophy, theory and its simulated exercises. ​