Conversing with Death or Last Breath Awareness officially began in 2013. Its objective was and still is to train mental and healthcare professionals, clergy, yoga teachers and otters caregiving disciplines on cultivating a keen awareness on personal impermanence.

Conversing with Death YOGA

Preserving a Spiritual Tradition

Conversing with Death YOGA
A Training on Impermanence

Honoring the Language of the Body

What exactly is Conversing with Death Yoga? It is no secret that our minds are programed to believe in a continuation of things. Coupled with our fear of ceasing to exist, we convert this deeply entrenched wish into a belief of forever. And while we all know we "have to die someday," most of us live as if we will magically go on and on.

Conversing with Death Yoga isn't some "Wow" trend. In fact, it is the opposite. This program is a gentle, intentional reminder that we come here to live and die. And like many spiritual traditions have long done, Conversing with Death focuses on impermanence to generate an appreciation of life.

Yoga isn't just about living

Conversing with Death Yoga takes you through slow, gentle movement of body and breath as a way of learning how the body passes from strength and vibrancy to delicacy and decline. 

Since the same body and breath of today will be with us as we age and are diagnosed with a terminal illness--we all will die of something--and breathe our last, Conversing with Death Yoga encourages a dialogue of fate, courage, and a hope for a most peaceful transition.

All Things Must Pass --- George Harrison

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