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Ancient Practice for a Modern World

Conversing with Death Yoga

Yoga is often confined to poses and utilized for appearances--abs, loss of weight, and maintaining health. These intentions will come to bite us sooner or later because life doesn't stay young and healthy. There is such a thing as physical decline.

Buddha Statue


Conversing with Death Yoga courageously looks into the future with impermanence in mind. Using basic poses, a heavy dose of contemplation and medittation, and breath work, it aims to help the student cultivate a closer relationship with change, aging, actual or potential illness, and, yes, the inevitable last breath.


Carefully done, living with last breath awareness can:

  • helps us prioritize what really matters in life

  • live a more intentional life

  • cultivate compassion for those already going through the stages of decline

  • help us plan for the future so our loved ones are not left with the burden

  • reduce the elements of surprise that come with decline

  • increase the chances of a more peaceful transition

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