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Conversing with Death
A Mentoring & Consultation Service


Conversing with Death was became a Registered Trademark in 2014 to address a deficit among caregiving professionals. This coaching and consultation program equips healthcare professionals, mental health counselors, yoga teachers, death doulas, chaplain, clergy, and other caregiving organizations to deepen their work with the aging, the chronic or terminally ill, and the dying by attending first to their own existential angst.

Coaching & Consultation

Conversing with Death is a pscyhoeducational approach to help you as a caregiving professional cultivate a felt sense awareness around your own last breath using exercises and other processing formulas. This deeper connection to one's last breath is almost certain to help you enrich your work with clients and patients.

Stretching on Yoga Mat

Conversing with Death Yoga

Many today see yoga as a means toward a desired appearance. However, yoga was and still is meant to create a relationship with the body and mind.
This relationship isn't about the six-pack. Instead, it is about being with the body in the now and as it changes until it reaches its ultimate destination, death.


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