What is Conversing with Death?

I founded Conversing with Death (CD) in 2013 after fifteen years of valuable insight working with hospice patients and years of specialized training. It is a unique method of living or mindset, beginning each day with end in mind. Very different from the busy mentality that blurs our priorities and prevents us from asking what is truly important.

How does Conversing with Death do this?

Like other approaches, CD uses a set of imaginal and simulated exercises to bring out a felt sense experience. While counter intuitive, CD believes in facing our fears, because by looking into our final breath--whenever it does come--we can reduce the element of surprise that surfaces near end of life and increase the chances of a more peaceful ending

Where can we find these exercises?

In my book Last Breath Awareness. The book even has a 30-day practice to start you off on cultivating this lifestyle. CD strongly recommends taking the workshops to gain a better view on how this approach works.

Who is eligible for this training?

I designed CD for mental and healthcare professionals, clergy, and other care-giving professionals who work with the older population (65+), chronic or terminally ill patients, and clients in their 40s and 50s. With the Boomer generation at some 74 million, you could imagine the demand.

What type of training do you offer?

There is the Intro workshop. A prerequisite to other courses given, the Intro workshop awakens an existential edge that you probably overlooked a dozen times or misinterpreted its signs as being something else. The Advanced Course give you solid knowledge on how to help clients or patients with or without certain mental concerns.

Are there others who teach on impermanence?

Yes. The practice of death awareness is not new, but how CD presents it is. CD combines eastern methods such as mindfulness with western psychotherapeutic considerations. Having been in the field, I've seen mindfulness programs err on the side of applying death awareness with little knowledge on how (of if) to do so effectively with mental disorders present.

Why should professionals take this course?

CD brings a deepening affect onto the work with clients and patients. What CD offers to the professional-client/patient relationship is hard to find even in academic studies. Personally, CD helps me to prioritize what really is important in life--family, personal goals, fulfillment of dreams--and to live appreciating every moment. In short, CD nudges us to look at time differently.


My years of working around death in hospitals, hospice, and military has brought valuable insight into the work of death-and-dying. I've been able to watch my own interactions with the death, as well as observe colleagues and others in some caregiving role do the same. And my current connections with those in the medical and mental health fields only reinforce what I've seen many times over. Most of us have a difficult time absorbing the inevitable prediction that one day we, too, will cease to exist. Moreover, few of us have had a safe space to explore our unstable feelings around this most sobering truth.

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