Body Mind Metaphor is Building a Team

Body Mind Metaphor is building a team in the following areas to promote public service using the ethical standards of state and appropriate organizations:

  • Conversing with Death. Body Mind Metaphor is developing a network of mental and healthcare professionals and clergy that see death awareness as a responsibility that benefits both the professional caregiver and his/her clients or patients.  To be a part of this network, one would have to attend the Intro Workshop and complete the "Building a Death Awareness Practice" and "The Advanced Course." In addition, the interested party would have to have a masters level degree and be in good standing with their discipline.
  • Yoga.Body Mind Metaphor appreciates eastern psychology and employs a type of yoga that is suitable for patients and clients with limitations. Body Mind Metaphor utilizes yoga as a lifestyle and to help manage permeating symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and traumatic memories. One with some exposure to eastern practices--visits to India, retreats or certification programs--and with a masters level program and an affiliation with a recognized yoga organization is recommended.
  • Tarot. Body Mind Metaphor is serious about maintaining ethical standards that protects the public from grandiose claims and fraud. Thus, it remains interested in mental health professionals who have an interest in Tarot use to compliment their counseling. This network is only for licensed counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers.
  • Speakers. Body Mind Metaphor is designing a team that would provide education and workshops to professional and military audiences in the areas of grief, self-care, death awareness, and mindfulness practice. These individuals are mental and healthcare professionals themselves with ongoing learning in these specific themes, as well as demonstrate and articulate a lifestyle in accordance to them.