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Courses for Therapist & Magician

Marble Surface
Marble Surface

Working with Energy

In therapy we hear about projecting our thoughts and feelings onto another. What we don't hear about is what does the professional do when energies of another attach themselves to us so as to pollute our own energetic field and in some cases influence us to live them out.

The peer groups I offer are made up of caring professionals who have to face these forces and how to prevent toxicity or if influenced how to cleanse oneself.

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Moving into Alpha

Moving into an Alphas state of mind is key to psychic work. But how do you train yourself to do so and to do so with greater speed and ease?

I provide individual and group consultation for therapists and magicians who wish to learn this important shift even with their eyes opened.

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Combining two Fields

Therapy and magic have long been separated. They both carry assumptions to prevent them from even entering the same room.

I provide education for open-minded professionals to demonstrate not only their differences but also their similarities, which makes for a nice pair.

Night Owl in the Mountains

Psychotherapists & trained/certified Magicians

Weekend at the Georgia Mountains

Limited Space

Theme: Affirm & Rebuild

Emotional Rest | Campfire | Meditation

Date: TBA


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