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"Grieving What is Yet to Happen"

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"Conversing with Death Intro Workshop" 

Live and Zoom: Date TBA



Monthly Conversing with Death Peer Group

Every 1st or 2nd Friday

$85 Annual


Psychotherapy & the Tarot

Live and Zoom: Date TBA


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When the Psychotherapist & the Magician Meet

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What is a magician?

A magician is a broad term used for trained individuals who work with deity, spirits , and the  intuitive for the purpose of healing

I combine over two decades of specialized education, training and experience in psyche & spirit

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Who can Attend?

Licensed mental health disciplines and trained and/or certified magicians who believe building a balanced spiritual connection with Other is vital to human development

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The Course Outline

The five-week course  includes:

  • Bridging the two worlds

  • Fundamentals of magic

  • Working with the spirit world

  • Balancing sensitive practice

  • Detachment and magic


Along with the course or  recordings you get:

  • the 18-page manual

  • 30-minute consultation

  • Access to Peer Consultation

Can't attend live Zoom?
Will be Recorded for Your Convenience
$99 for the entire course 
When the Psychotherapist & the Magician Meet Peer Group
 To Meet via Zoom every 3rd or 4th Friday of the month
$85 Annually
For Alumni of the 5-week course
A private invite to those who complete the course

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