Body Mind Metaphor LLC teaches laypersons and professionals a variety of paths, skills ands approaches that address human Consciousness and explores extraordinary phenomenon.

White Sands


Going Beyond Therapy

Conversing with Death

Confronting death--when we will die--is feared by the strongest of minds. Learn how to befriend this most avoided topic


Yoga is popular, but Conversing with Death Yoga is one of a kind. Learn to use asanas and breath while contemplating the inevitable

Psychic Phenomenon

In a culture dominated by the left brain, psychic phenomenon sounds strange. Learn the philosophy behind a most misunderstood practice

Magikq Mind

Balancing ancient and contemporary practices of magic to honor the mystery, spirit, and power of human potential and expression

Psyche & Religion

The benefits of religion and spirituality are self-evident. Join the many who wish to find the way of self-realization

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While Body Mind Metaphor LLC offers the themes announced on this page alongside of and to complement psychotherapy, these themes do not constitute psychotherapy. 

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