Art of the unconscious

Therapy as a Journey

Einstein, Jung and others relied heavily on the unconscious. But why? And how can it play a major role in your well-being and success?

Tapping into the Source

the unconscious

Mysticism  Myth  Creativity  Shadow  Archetype

Few consider therapy when it comes to soul searching. Yet the art of the unconscious is central to growth, healing, and embracing those unwanted parts of us that we cannot shed, especially as we grow older.


Hypnotherapy is a friend to the unconscious and can tap into its creative and healing resources.

Often hypnotherapy is combined with talk therapy.

Explore this safe, relaxing form of therapy

Going Beyond Therapy

Body Mind Metaphor LLC provides Modern Archetype & Patterns,

a developed method with a set of images to stimulate the unconscious for insight.

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