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A most inevitable Path

Holding Hands

My Years in Hospice

I cannot tell you how dear I hold those who face challenges from getting older, endure a chronic illness or embrace a terminal reality, and meet up with a final moment that will leave their once occupied space empty.

I worked for 15 years serving those who got the news. I sat by their bedside, held their hands, and simply talked about the hows and whys.

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Aging has its Challenges

You've heard the phrase, "You don't know lest you've been there." How true! Getting old involves experiencing your body differently. You get hints on what it will look like, in spite of a culture so afraid of aging that it looks away.

Aging forces us, experiencer or not, to ask what do we do next. Career or relationships undergo yet another set of questions, with space and time are getting smaller.

Patient Room

The "H" Word

Few want to think about it. Fewer wish to even pronounce the inevitable, namely, that the next step in every aging individual's path is the last breath.

We are not privy to know how. But knowing that we will leave our occupied space is enough to create a restlessness.

While it is counterintuitive, careful reflection can soften anxiety about our end, reduce the element of surprise that comes with end of life care, and help family members prepare.

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