Aging, Illness & Dying

Counseling the Inevitable

Elder Couple


Unless something interrupts the process, we will all age. This might scare you if you insist on the "50 is the new 30" mentality. Truth be told, our bodies change. We slow down. Body stiffness and aches increase. And everything declines. The goal isn't to defeat the undefeatable but to befriend it.


I am all for treating the body well. After all, it is the temple. But our bodies will encounter symptoms and eventually a terminal illness. 

Please understand that this isn't to frighten you. We all wish that life would go on and on. We even have to believe that all sorts of advances will take place to defeat illnesses. Yet according to the CDC, the top 7-10 common causes of death in the US have barely moved from their rankings. And this in spite of having more exercising gyms, hundreds of diets, and yoga studios than ever before.

Patients Waiting For Doctor


After working in hospice for 15 years and as founder of Conversing with Death, a training for healthcare and mental health professionals, death will meet us all. As Emily Dickinson beautifully penned, Because I could not stop for death he kindly stopped for me. Preparing now emotionally and mentally could increase a more peaceful dying later.