Masters of Divinity Degree -1995

Master of Arts Degree - 2011



Neurolinguistic Programming

Consultant & Teacher Training

Meditation and Mantra (Dr. David Frawley)

Yoga TTC (200 Hours)


Tarot Consulting Certificate Course​​​ (TCCC)

Hospice Chaplain 1998-2013

Chaplain Training 1995-1998


American Academy of Psychotherapists

Yoga Alliance

American Psychotherapy and Clinical Hynosis Association

Body Mind Metaphor sees each person composed of unique facets that cannot be fully defined or confined by ordinary language. Rich in emotive and mental repertoire, not to mention the numinous that transcends, forces a mystical correspondence to describe the individual. Body Mind Metaphor honors this poetic DNA as it helps individuals and couples rediscover themselves within a collective set of expectations.

  • Counseling that goes beyond content to deepen human experience. Body Mind Metaphor excavates symbolic language of individuals and couples to release them from imposed patterns and to help rediscover their own.
  • Gentle Yoga to compliment psychotherapy with its proven poses, breath work, meditation practices, and energy outline.
  • Conversing with Death to help professionals embrace impermanence so that they can help their vibrant clients and chronic and terminally-ill patients do the same.
  • Tarot Reflection to provoke a gentle nudging of the unconscious to discover its meaning-making apparatus.

Body Mind Metaphor