Body Mind Metaphor LLC is composed of over two decades of community service and almost the same in specialized training to help you discover a lasting connection with your deep reservoir of potential that can impact your personal, relational, and professional life.

Body Mind Metaphor LLC believes that whether it is to overcome challenges or manage symptoms, success starts with:

  • having greater insight into and an embrace of your emotional patterns
  • exercising present mental awareness that keeps thought in perspective and prevents over-identification with learned scripts
  • a solitude practice that transcends the natural
  • vision that nurtures creativity and generates courage

Body Mind Metaphor LLC

Owner of Body Mind Metaphor LLC

Kevin Quiles


Masters of Divinity Degree -1995

Master of Arts Degree - 2011



Neurolinguistic Programming

Yoga Teacher RYT (200 Hours)‚Äč


American Academy of Psychotherapists

Yoga Alliance

American Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnosis Association


Mindfulness & Meditation

Yoga (Rishikesh, India)


Prolonged Exposure Therapy

Emotion Response Prevention (ERP) Therapy