And Intuitive & Therapist
Body Mind Metaphor moves beyond the dry, technical explanation of life and encompasses the here and now, Universal Consciousness, and the intuitive.

I am an intuitive and a therapist. I have long tuned in to a felts sense reading of people. Now at 57 and with much training over the years, I have designed a method to  incorporate my intuitive skills that, in my opinion, complements my second skill, therapy.

As therapist, I work carefully to acquire intricate details of the psyche and of any deeper impressions that the average client often doesn't equate into the mix of discovery. The healing process in therapy is much more complex than we would like it to be, especially when we are in desperate mode. For healing and lasting change to occur, one must be dedicated to the process, be willing to walk through the pain and not avoid it, and to accept the changes.

I am a ritual in motion, I am the smoke of the ancestors -- Jennifer Noelle Kolb


2011 - Master of Arts Degree in Counseling

1995 - Master's Degree in Theology and Counseling



Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Kundalini Yoga Instructor


15 years in hospice

3 years as licensed associate counselor

6 years as licensed counselor

Veteran US Navy


Jung Society of Atlanta

Yoga Alliance


Talk Therapy

Couples Therapy

Prolonged Exposure Therapy

Emotion Response Prevention Therapy



Mindfulness & Meditation

Yoga Nidra


Kundalini Yoga in the Hatha Tradition
at Rishikesh, India

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