Body Mind Metaphor LLC 
Where Body is the exterior temple,
Where Mind represents that sacred place of conversation,
Metaphor and symbol are the keys to such communication.

I am a ritual in motion, I am the smoke of the ancestors -- Jennifer Noelle Kolb

I (preferred pronouns: he/him/his) was born in Borriken, better known as Puerto Rico and an Island once occupied by the Taino and the home of the Jibaro. I am 58-years old and have about 25 years of community service, 15 of those years as hospice chaplain. Experience alone isn't everything. I have also accumulated over two decades of specialized studies. 

As therapist, I apply a mindful approach to acquire intimate dialogue with the psyche using a theory of the unconscious as a dominant governing factor for why we live the way we do. Coupling this slow move with an existential emphasis, I encourage clients to map out effective ways to manage symptoms while carving out a most meaningful life. 

My process-oriented and relational style doesn't offer quick or drive-thru type solutions that have no lasting stamina. Instead, it supplies a safe space to cultivate intentional living that sustains some of the toughest blows life brings. As Cat Stevens wrote, "I'm old but I'm happy." We can't change the passages of life, but we can be content as they come.

I have also dedicated my life to helping the local and global community unlearn racism, sexism, and all other -isms in existence. There is nothing easy here. We all must feel the discomfort that comes along with making unwanted discoveries. But at this point, we have no choice if we want to create a better world.
As ordained clergy, I see the face of God in many places. I follow Buddhist and Hindu philosophy and practices, and contemplative Christianity to join the mystics. I offer education, consultation, and spiritual guidance. I combine the spiritual path however defined with parapsychological studies to explore questions such as, "Is there life after?" It sounds strange at first, perhaps, but based on surveys and personal conversations that I've had, there is a large population that believes there is something out there that just can't be explained by mainstream science and that, for sure, transcends the field of psychotherapy. Ongoing consciousness or the survival hypothesis, anomalous events, and a theory of Universal Oneness, are just a few subjects that I bring into my work as therapist or treat separately.  


2011 - Master of Arts Degree in Counseling from Argosy University

1995 - Master's Degree in Theology and Counseling from Reformed Theological Seminary



Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Kundalini Yoga Instructor


Over 2 years of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

15 years as hospice chaplain

3 years as licensed associate counselor

7 years as licensed counselor

Veteran US Navy

Ordained Minister

Spiritual Guidance

Individual & Group Consultation

Individual & Group Education


Weddings, Renew Vows

Premarital Consultation



Yoga Alliance

Society for Psychical Research

International Remote Viewing Association

Jung Society of Atlanta

International Association of Near-Death Studies

The Rhine Center


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