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Kevin Quiles, MDiv, M.A., RYT-200, LPC
In Rishikesh, India

I'll meet you half way

I've done my part. Over 30 years of service and over two decades of specialized studies to ensure you get quality. For you, I encourage discipline, meeting up to the therapeutic challenge, and a lasting vision.

Therapy Services

At sixty, I can say I've been around the block a time or two. Like you, I've had my shares of ups and downs, victories and defeats. But my story sets the stage for a session full of insight and opportunity. Here's what I offer.

My style of individual counseling to adults consists of attending areas with most pain, first. Many come to therapy. desperate for relief. Then we develop a plan to maintain a steady path so that you can function and excel. My style is relational in nature, since most of what we learn, good or bad, comes from our engagement with others, In the office you learn to activate healthier relational skills such as trust, boundaries, and personal voice.

Couples often have hidden patterns that not only rob the relationship of potential success but also strain individual voice. Partners are not meant to lose themselves in the process. Nor are they made to rescue one another. Our sessions address these most resistant of places in the psyche and then reconstruct new patterns so that both parties feel self-empowered and share a sense of celebration as adults who honor.

Men have it hard these days, but don't take this as pitty. Trying to find who we are in a world that tells us who we should be is confusing. You must have courage to be your own man. And believe you men, many men lack this courage and walk around with a facade that poses as confidence. Together, we can get you to feel comfortable in your own skin.

Spirituality is a big component to my life and work. I'm not interested in what you call yourself. I appreciate all spiritual traditions and religions that honor the betterment of the world. I, myself, lean toward Consciousness, mysticism and esotericism. We are more than the brain. This ability to transcend the material and discover pure power is often missing in our narrative and, sad to say, in various caring professions. I can help you bring it back into your story and your personal and professional future.

I put some spiritual interest and energy into helping adults who have been wounded in a space they once considered sacred. Emotional abuse within the context of a church or group is very real to a percentage of the population. Having studied heavily in religion, human behavior, and trauma, I supply a framework for you to recover and establish anew your relationship with the divine.

You can also see an example of my spiritual work in teaching of yoga. Since we are all energy, spirit, or part of a greater Source, we have greater connection to "Other". Through breath work, hand and body postures, meditation, and chanting we can connect to this Other and apply its rich potency to our personal, relational, and professional lives.

Unusual Phenomena

I provide support the unusual. As hospice chaplain, I offered spiritual care to patients and their families during those moments of transitioning. During my services, I not only saw the medical side of dying but also unusual end of life experiences that suggested that patients were not alone. Moreover, I also explore After Death Communication and related experiences reported by surviving members. If you've had a "sign", dream, touch on the shoulder, or a felt sense of your deceased loved one, you know what I mean.


As an investigator in the paranormal and one who takes interest in near death experience (NDE), I apply psychotherapy with careful regard for your experiences. I've studied extensively in paranormal activity in places like the Rhine Education Center in North Carolina and understand your language well. With regard to NDE, while I have not experienced a near death experience, I can intertwine your experience and psychotherapy to enrich your narrative. I don't think you're crazy. For more information click here.

For Caregiving Professionals

Having served in hospice for 15 years, written over a doze articles and three books, and given workshops (some for CE) locally and nationally, I offer training to students and fully licensed professionals--mental health and healthcare disciplines, death doulas, chaplains, and yoga instructors--on how to approach and guide patients and clients into a most dreadful subject. For more information, click here.

I also provide mentorship and consultation to mental health professionals who wish to integrate spirituality, specifically mysticism and esotericism, into their psychotherapy practice. Such weaving isn't as difficult as it seems and one can maintain distinction between what is and isn't officially recognized psychotherapy without losing the potency created when the two are combined to address the whole of human experience.


I do not take insurance. This method has worked well for me as I strive to ensure the highest level of confidentiality. 

Investing in your Future

Please see the No Surprises Act below. For individual therapy and individual yoga sessions at about 45-minutes in length your investment is $139. Couples therapy at about 45-minutes in length is $179. When requested, 90-minute sessions are available with an additional investment. Individual and peer consultation is $169 a session of about 45-minutes in length. The spiritual mentoring program I offer to a selected audience is 36-weeks in length and divided into three phases of twelve sessions each. The investment is $699 for each phase or per twelve sessions.


B.A. in Ministry at Southeastern College 1987

M.Div, Emphasis in Counseling at Reformed Theological Seminary 1995

M.A. in Community Counseling at Argosy University 2011


Clinical Pastoral Education (2 1/2 years)

Hospice Chaplain (15 years)

Licensed Professional Counselor (since 2014)

Licensed Associate Professional Counselor (2011-2014)


Intro to Parapsychology (Rhine Education Center)

Field Investigations: Paranormal (Rhine Education Center)

Paranormal Phenomena: Tech (Rhine Education Center)

The Power of Nature (Rhine Education Center)

Clairvoyance & Mediumship (International School of Clairvoyance)


Yoga Consultant: 6-mo. online American Institute of Vedic Studies

10-day meditation Retreat in Varanasi, India

1-mo. Kundalini Yoga Training for Certification in Rishikesh, India

Chakra Illuminated with Christopher Wallis

Mantra Science with Christoper Wallis

Introduction: Sound & Meditation

Cult Studies
aspects of Beliefs
Malignant Narcissism
Working with Shame in Cult Recovery
Recover from Religious or Spiritual Abuse
Neuroscience to Clinical Work with Cult Survivors

End of Life & Related Experiences (IANDS)
The Role of Near Death & Related Experiences in Grief Counseling 
Providing Care for Those Touched by Near-Death & Related Experiences

Neuro Linguistic Programming
Kundalini Yoga

Yoga Alliance since 2019
International Association for Near Death Studies, Inc. 2023

Specialized Studies
Debra Katz
Rhine Center
Dr. David Frawley
Christopher Wallis
Zacciah Blackburn/Dorothy Stone
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