Let me introduce myself

My name is Kevin Quiles. I am an ordained ecumenical minister, providing support, education, and mentoring locally and nationally. Named "Kalidas" by my teacher in India, I am a certified yoga instructor, supplying one-on-one training specifically for aging and trauma recovery.  I work with sound to help men and women gently move into kind states for healing and burst of creativity. I am a licensed counselor in the state of Georgia for adult individuals and couples.

Professional Care

One important lesson that I've learned and like to pass on to others is becoming comfortable in my own skin. Sounds simple, but how many of us live by another's measuring stick?

You would agree that the pressure to conform is all around us. Community, religion, career, and even our dearest relationships push for a different "me". Unfortunately, it works effectively and at a young age. And once you enter adulthood, the influences have a secret resting place deep in the psyche. This is especially true when you hit midlife and recognize that you don't have a crisp answer to  almost ancient existential question, "Who am I?"


It takes courage and determination to become who you were truly meant to be. You even have to be brave to face yourself. They say we are our worst critics. Take heed to this saying, my friend. We judge our inconsistencies, contradictions, failures, and, strangely, even our victories. And may the divine help us if we are in the midst of challenge, struggling to manage mental health concerns, or just aging.

If you don't take the path of becoming comfortable in your own skin, it will seep out everywhere. Your own unease somehow becomes your partner's problem. Next thing you know, your spouse has to walk on eggshells. Your career also suffers, especially if you don't have the muscle to be content with your own work and need others to validate you 24/7.

These deep but necessary shifts to become comfortable in your own skin isn't accomplished with the purchase of a paperback or a weekend conference. The hype is certainly there, but the lasting results are aren't. Thus, my work involves deep reflection, honest reading of your experiences, and endurance. My style explores what governs us most and without our notice, the unconscious. And I nudge you to look at your past, present, future, person, place, and thing from a unique place that produces a lasting, integrated, and intentional self.

Life ain't easy, and neither is the path of self-discovery. But life is much more difficult when you live under many names other than the one you were given before you were born.





Yoga Alliance since 2019
Specialized Studies
Debra Katz
Rhine Center
Dr. David Frawley
Christopher Wallis

Zacciah Blackburn/Dorothy Stone


B.A. in Ministry at Southeastern College 1987

M.Div, Emphasis in Counseling at Reformed Theological Seminary 1995

M.A. in Community Counseling at Argosy University 2011


Clinical Pastoral Education (2 1/2 years)

Hospice Chaplain (15 years)

Licensed Professional Counselor (since 2014)

Licensed Associate Professional Counselor (2011-2014)


Intro to Parapsychology (Rhine Education Center)

Field Investigations: Paranormal (Rhine Education Center)


Yoga Consultant: 6-mo. online American Institute of Vedic Studies

10-day meditation Retreat in Varanasi, India

1-mo. Kundalini Yoga Training for Certification in Rishikesh, India

Chakra Illuminated (10CEs) with Christopher Wallis

Mantra Science with Christoper Wallis

Introduction: Sound & Meditation


Minister with the Universal Life Church