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Helping you achieve your vision 

My style combines eastern and western studies of the mind to explore, tackle, and manage mental and emotional patterns that hijack us at a moment's notice.

As complex creatures, we need more than logical responses. I combine Spirit with psyche, align body, breath, and movement, and guide you into mental and emotional resting states.

My Story

I have a list of professional trainings, spiritual practices, and personal experiences that make me the 59-year old that I am. None of these factors have promised a perfect ending, but many of them have contributed to my personal, spiritual, and professional development. I share them wit you here so that you can determine if they align with your goals in life.

I began my career in a Pentecostal college, where the phenomenological or direct experience was respected. This was that great starting place. I eventually proceeded to seminary, where the conceptual hijacked the phenomenological. Unfortunately, dogma was more important than soul. Still, seminary had its place. But I would have to at some point hit the refresh button. Two-and-a-half years of chaplain training was that button. I learned to intertwine soul and psyche as a student both in a residential psychiatrist facility and major hospital. We are more than logical beings. I believe our unconscious is a powerful force and governs our affairs more than we think. And those habits and patterns that we can't break and the way we choose unhealthy relationships support my conclusion..

My spiritual development has not remained fixed, a good thing. God has many faces, as the late and great Joseph Campbell shared in his marvelous work. I've stepped into many religious and spiritual circles. Coupled with my counseling training, I understand how beliefs, loyalty, and religious influence works. Personally, my evolution has created a solid individual truth has surfaced. In other words, after learning under qualified teachers in India and here in the West, I need no guru or collective religious identity. Moreover, knowing that my truth--consisting of the mystical, some Tantric and Vedic traditions, and the esoteric--is personal, I have no need to convert (or manipulate, should I say) you or anyone else to what I believe. I can stand alone. For many, belief in Other, however defined, is crucial for success. How to integrate it into life, relationships, and career is a sacred contemplation.

I traveled many miles overseas as a Navy Chaplain. The coast was not clear, if you know what I mean. I learned many things during my deployment: the faults of a military system that I wish was as fair as I once thought, how we can demonize a mother, father, and grandparent, and what it feels like when the illusion of safety is truly ripped away. Today, I need no pity. I utilize my successes and mistakes to help veterans, especially the younger ones coming home. I'm available to help them TRUST civilian life and to nurture their significant relationships without the "Yes, Sir, Yes, Mam" protocol.

Yoga became a friend of mine in my later years. Since 2019, I've been a certified yoga instructor. Trained in Rishikesh and Varanasi, India, I went deep into Indian philosophy. Yoga acknowledges the phases of life--birth and death--and a deep seated quest to discover the Divine Self. The teachers of old were quick to share that this inquiry takes time, unlike in our culture where we have great claims with speedy results. However, yoga in its fullness--includes meditation, breath work, chanting, mindfulness, and poses--have practical benefits. With dedication and, yes, hard work, you can implement healthy habits for body and mind.

I apply sound to processes that take us deep into a deepened sense of Self. Resting under kind vibrations of instruments, visuals that soften our experiences, and in a safe space where we can relinquish the demands to be on the go, is one way of training the body and mind to live slower and with clear intention.



Yoga Alliance since 2019
Tantrika Institute
Parapsychological Association

Specialized Studies
Debra Katz
Rhine Center
Dr. David Frawley
Christopher Wallis

Zacciah Blackburn/Dorothy Stone


B.A. in Ministry at Southeastern College 1987

M.Div, Emphasis in Counseling at Reformed Theological Seminary 1995

M.A. in Community Counseling at Argosy University 2011


Clinical Pastoral Education (2 1/2 years)

Hospice Chaplain (15 years)

Licensed Professional Counselor (since 2014)

Licensed Associate Professional Counselor (2011-2014)


Yoga Consultant: 6-mo. online American Institute of Vedic Studies

10-day meditation Retreat in Varanasi, India

1-mo. Kundalini Yoga Training for Certification in Rishikesh, India

Chakra Illuminated (10CEs) with Christopher Hareesh Wallis

Introduction: Sound & Meditation


Minister with the Universal Life Church