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My name is Kevin and I offer three types of services to help people manage the challenges that come with life.

One is popular and in much demand these days.

Two are strange to our conditioned minds.

Three Services

I provide counseling to adults. My work of almost a decade as licensed counselor includes helping men and women manage depression, anxiety, and trauma. Sometimes life hits us hard and we buckle for a season. Other times we seem to struggle on and off with bouts of moods and dominant feelings. Either way, attending to these symptoms is important as we proceed with a successful career, relationships that matter, and personal goals we'd like to achieve.

Another service relevant to us is end of life consultation and counseling. Aging, illness, and the last breath are dreaded topics. I worked for 15-years in hospice, watching death up close and personal. Discussions between loved ones and a patient before this final breath is both crucial yet difficult. Waiting and waiting to talk it through is risky This is where I help families. A good read for both families and professionals is my book Spiritual Care to Elderly and Dying Loved Ones.

Related to this existential work is the training that I offer to mental health and healthcare disciplines, social workers, clergy, death doulas, and other caregiving professionals. I started Conversing with Death more than a decade ago and in 2017 wrote Last Breath Awareness. I train professionals to work with their own last breath awareness for two reasons. First, everyone is going to die. Professional included. She must be ready herself. Second, as professionals we must go deep into our own existential angst. Otherwise, we will unconsciously prohibit our patients and clients from doing the same. Remember the old motto, "Our patients will only go as far as we do." 

Last, I work with mystical and esoteric themes. Spirituality is a huge part of the human experience that it cannot be left out of professional care. I don't promote any one spiritual expression as the one. As Joseph Campbell pointed out, God has many faces. I work to help my clients develop and utilize their version to live life to its fullest. And in some cases, I help those who have been wounded by what was meant to be a sacred healing space.

In addition, I do provide care to more mystical and magical expressions. This population is often dismissed. Unfortunately, the reasons are from conditionings from long ago. Call it witchy, only minus what you see in movies, I help men and women explore their with spirit such as ancestor and deity in scholarly but not at the expense of celebrating their experiences. How to do so with balance is paramount. 

I hope this gives you an idea. If I can help in any of these areas, feel free to contact me at


B.A. in Ministry at Southeastern College 1987

M.Div, Emphasis in Counseling at Reformed Theological Seminary 1995

M.A. in Community Counseling at Argosy University 2011


Clinical Pastoral Education (2 1/2 years)

Hospice Chaplain (15 years)

Licensed Professional Counselor (since 2014)

Licensed Associate Professional Counselor (2011-2014)


Intro to Parapsychology (Rhine Education Center)

Field Investigations: Paranormal (Rhine Education Center)

Clairvoyance & Mediumship (International School of Clairvoyance)


Yoga Consultant: 6-mo. online American Institute of Vedic Studies

10-day meditation Retreat in Varanasi, India

1-mo. Kundalini Yoga Training for Certification in Rishikesh, India

Chakra Illuminated (10CEs) with Christopher Wallis

Mantra Science with Christoper Wallis

Introduction: Sound & Meditation

Cult Studies
aspects of Beliefs
Malignant Narcissism
Working with Shame in Cult Recovery
Recover from Religious or Spiritual Abuse
Neuroscience to Clinical Work with Cult Survivors

Yoga Alliance since 2019
Specialized Studies
Debra Katz
Rhine Center
Dr. David Frawley
Christopher Wallis
Zacciah Blackburn/Dorothy Stone
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